Tayto Waffles- Bacon Flavor


In honor of the pig farmer convention responsible for a lack of hotel rooms in Dublin, I’m trying some new pork flavored snacks fresh from the Emerald Isle.  Despite assurances that no one in Ireland actually calls it that, I can tell you that Ireland really is an Emerald Isle.  It’s vividly green- if I were choosing Irish green on PowerPoint I’d look for the richest, brightest green and then choose whichever green is even more vivid than that.  Luckily, my praise today is not just reserved for Ireland’s glistening green, but also for these bacon flavored Tayto Waffles.

tayto 2

(What’s with all the ink on my hand?  These pictures are giant because I’m too tired to fix the size- so please enjoy this close-up of my cuticle.)

The team at Tayto really nailed the perfect texture- it’s grand, as they do actually say in Ireland. Not too dense, not too airy and fragile, not so scratchy that they hurt your mouth (this is a recurring issue for me). They deliver a very satisfying crunch and are the size of flattish lacrosse nets designed to just cover your tongue.  I can’t believe I just referenced lacrosse in that context, but it’s really the best way to describe them…and I feel super cool bringing up lacrosse, as if I worked at Abercrombie and Fitch in 2002.  

Like many meat flavored carbs, the suggestion of bacon is strongest in the scent. Otherwise these are kind of bacony, and very savoury.  The aftertaste doesn’t overstay its welcome. They’re very good, and I’d eat them again. 


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