Brannigans Roast Beef & Mustard

I’ve developed a bit of a reputation as a junk food hoarder at work.  I “joke” that my drawer full of snacks- which includes regular Lays, Combos, and the oh-so-delicious birthday cake flavored Oreos– will come in handy when we can’t leave the office because of an emergency and we have to ration food.  LULZ!

Fortunately, my colleagues seem pretty supportive of my junk habit (maybe because of all the rationing jokes- they’re trying to curry favor ahead of time).  Some have even graciously contributed to the drawer.  My colleague John, for example, gave me a bag of Brannigans Roast Beef & Mustard crisps.


I like these a lot- I don’t think I’ve had any chips like this in ‘Murica (although I have tried pretzel snacks like this).  The mustard flavor is strong, like horseradish, but not so strong that your nose is assaulted.  I’m not actually sure if I taste roast beef, but they’re still really good.  Not every British beef-flavored carbohydrate experiment is going to pan out.  Sometimes failure leads to something better- like penicillin, or Viagra.

Branigans2(I don’t make her pose like this.  This just happens.)

Most of the time, I’m fixated on getting American snacks here, like my beloved Combos.  I would take these back to the homeland though, because I think my parentals would enjoy them.  I often bring them European mustard, because that’s a normal thing to do.  Maybe we could eat these chips with hot dogs on the Fourth of July.  AMERICA!


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