Marmite Rice Cakes and Turkey Slices- A Delcious Snack

I love cold cuts.  I’ll eat any cold cut straight out of its flat plastic container.  Better yet, I’ll nosh on a bag of freshly sliced deli meats.  Add some mustard, and I’m quite content.  I’ve recently discovered something even better- turkey slices on marmite rice cakes.  It’s a perfect savory snack. The marmite rice cakes are full of B vitamins, low in calories, and somewhat filling (ok, slightly more filling than air, but something is better than nothing). The turkey enhances the savory flavor but takes the marmite edge off ever so slightly, as to not diminish the unique flavor, but to complement.*  In other words- nom nom nom.

Marmite’s B vitamin claims have convinced me that eating marmite is like taking a supplement.  I suppose this is slightly ignorant on my part.  However, for the time being, I’m going to stay in my metaphorical cave and continue to eat marmite rice cakes for health.

*Technically speaking, I think that marmite’s savory flavor is “umami,” which is distinct from a salty flavor, and can be slighty bitter and more earthy.  The saltiness of the turkey slices complements the umami of the marmite, because it cuts just a tiny bit of the umami bitterness while maintaining the satisfying savory taste.


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