Tyrrell’s Furrows- Sea Salt & Vinegar


Oh my, Tyrrell’s.  How bold of you to announce that these chips are ridged for pleasure (seriously- look at the bottom of the package).  I can’t help but review these crisps accordingly.

These piquant potato chips pucker your lips, but the pain is gently abated by the sweet flavor of apples.  They’re sour, salty, and sweet, just like the sea captain love interest in an old-fashioned British novel.

These crisps have given me great pleasure, so much so that I inadvertently finished the bag while writing this review (don’t worry, dear readers, most of them had been eaten during cocktails with guests earlier).  However, despite the saucy slogan, I don’t think the ridges contributed to my happiness.  Rather, it was the perfect balance between salt and vinegar and pleasure and pain.  I mean, um, they’re just really good salt and vinegar chips.  The best I’ve ever had.

I think I need a candy cigarette..


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