Mary’s Gone Crackers- chipotle tomato pretzels

Mary's Pretzels

Just because I love junk food doesn’t mean I can’t also appreciate healthy food.  In fact, I’m a bit of a health nut.  I know this presents a paradox.  If I had to breakdown my eating habits, the ratio of healthy eating to very naughty eating is about 80 to 20, more or less.  I delight in every variety of Combo (although I think we can all agree that the cracker Combos are generally inferior to the pretzel Combos), but I also know my way around any health food store.  “But where are these sea vegetables from?” is a thought I’ve actually processed…multiple times.  Sometimes you want some Icelandic dulse instead of Japanese kombu, amirite?

During today’s venture to the local health food store, I bought some chipotle tomato pretzels.  They’re organic, gluten free, non-gmo, soy free, vegan, and tax deductible.  JK about that last part.  These actually come from ‘Murkha, and I think I recall seeing them in Whole Foods, but I hadn’t tried them before.  They’re pretty, how do you say, earthy.  They’re made with a brown rice, quinoa, flax seed, sesame seed, and chia blend (there are also some biblical-sounding grains in there).  They have a slightly spicy aftertaste, which is just enough to excite your mouth a little (yeah, I know how that sounds).  By themselves, they taste like one would imagine they’d taste- like gluten-free whole grain pretzels with a slightly spicy kick.  However, paired with some houmous and h’oy boy- good stuff.


I really enjoyed the pairing these pretzels with this houmous.  This stuff seemed creamier than normal houmous.  Because it’s plain, but super rich and creamy, it complimented the slightly spicy pretzels.  This pairing also made me feel very full, which is good snack quality.  Now that my hunger is sated, I can get back to sitting in the sun on the couch like a house cat.


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