Southern Recipe (?) Cheesy Jalapeno Flavored Curls

Well, there’s no way around it.  I have to admit that I’ve neglected my blog. Nay, I’ve neglected my passion for junk.  My steady diet of kale and blueberry smoothies, moderately healthy lunches, and reasonable-ish dinners needs to be shaken up.  In the words of a bunch of randos on twitter circa 2013- YOLO.

So what jostled me awake and out of my junk food hibernation? What preservative-laden ambrosia tickled my taste buds?  The answer is “Southern Recipe Cheesy Jalapeno Flavored Curls.”  The question mark in the title alludes to my uncertainty as to whether Southern Recipe was the brand name or a qualifier.  I’ve since realized it’s a brand name, but I’m keeping the question mark, mostly because I was pretty excited about the prospect of these being Southern, maybe because I thought they’d be extra fried or something.*

southern recipe southern recipe1

It’s a little like ET. In honor of the water on Mars.

While they’re not extra fried, they are extra delicious.  As I’ve mentioned previously, I love unique cheese curl varieties.  These cheese curls make me want to run to the border…of the United Kingdom…to take a flight to Mexico.  These curls are coated with flecks of jalapeno (and an uncertain amount of MSG, the molecular equivalent of falling into a basket of freshly washed microfiber blankets…if those blankets were also made of cheese and in your mouth).  The bit of green pepper spice, paired with sticky cheddar dust, takes these cheese curls out of the plain ‘ol cheesy poof category and into the hallowed space occupied by H-E-B Hijole cheese balls and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.  I won’t try to pick a winner in that bout; the textures of each are too different.  Maybe one day I’ll create a March Madness style junk food tournament.  In the meantime, I’m just glad to be back in the game.

*By the way, I noticed on the “Southern Recipe” home page that their slogan is “For Men Who Work Hard and Snack Harder.”  I liked these cheese curls; they were awesome.  I’m a lady.  Also, I’ve tasted harder snacks.

giphy snow white


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