Brownie Filled Pretzel Nuggets

brownie filled pretzel nuggets

I’ve been getting a lot of requests/demands/exhortations to write reviews on sweets- ranging from candy to cookies and every teeth-rotter in between. I hadn’t complied because I felt that the world of savory snacks is wide and offers almost limitless choices. I’ve recently changed my mind, because I’ve realized that sometimes salty and sweet is a great combination (said every girl who’s ever thought “I want, like, a bad boy who sends his mom flowers every week and always texts me back”).

My first foray into the world of sweets is CVS’s Brownie Filled Pretzel Nuggets. Truth be told, I went to CVS looking for their Peanut Butter Filled Pretzel Nuggets, but CVS only offered them in very large quantities- perhaps because they’re so delicious that people just go ahead and buy them in bulk. Given that I was traveling, and didn’t want to haul around a pound of peanut butter pretzel nuggets, I opted for the bag of brownie nuggets.

I enjoyed the brownie nuggets- the brownie filling was rich and the pretzels were sufficiently salty (although they could be a tiiiiny bit saltier). My only qualm is that I tasted a bit too much flour- more so than a regular pretzel. The exterior of the pretzel is normal and salty, and the excessive flour flavor seems to come from the interior layer- the mantle of the nugget, if you will. The concept is promising, so maybe I’ll look for better brownie pretzel nuggets, if they exist. I can close my eyes and imagine a really rich bit of brownie, with tiny bits of gooey chocolate, covered in a salty pretzel. Like the reformed bad boy, or the Mr. Darcy of pretzels.


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