American cheese, cheese food, and queso.

Like any good ‘Murkhan, I’ve been thinking about Super Bowl snacks, even though I won’t have a party, and I’ll probably be asleep for most of it.  These facts are inconsequential.  As long as I have Super Bowl snacks, I can vicariously participate in the festivities.  I’ve been contemplating a new snack invention, which would involve white queso dip.  But, I’m in England, and I correctly anticipated that white queso dip is not readily available here.  Actually, it’s not so much the dip- I bet there are attempts at white queso here- it’s the American cheese for the dip.

I started looking for places to buy American cheese in London, and people were only talking about the yellow cheese slices used for hamburgers, etc.  I’m not talking about cheese food slices in cellophane.  I’m talking about this:


This type of cheese is THE BEST for making the white queso dip served in restaurants in the U.S., including, I suspect, my beloved District Taco (I miss you, Boo).  But where can I find this colonial cheese in England?  I think I might have to improvise.  I’m going to try a combination of Dutch Gouda and Cheddar cheese.  How did I come up with this combination?  I got really hungry reading about American cheese, which led to this:


Nom Nom Dutch Gouda.  I’ll work on my recipe tomorrow, and I’ll keep you all posted on my results!

p.s. Here’s a good article on misconceptions about American cheese:


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