Ridge Cut McCoys- Mexican Chilli


Let’s get something straight, England.  Chili is either a bean-based dish or it is a type of pepper.  Chilli, on the other hand, is a member of the group TLC, whose music got me through 1992.  Are we clear now?  Good.  Now I can move past this grievous error and objectively assess the chips.


My immediate impression on first bite was “this is pretty starchy.”  They are potato chips, after all, so this is not a revelation.  Sometimes the border between starchy and stale becomes a bit blurred (I’m going to avoid any specific global conflict analogies).  This particular bag of chips lives in the starchy zone, but is so close to the stale zone that it often has to retrieve its football from the stale zone’s back yard.*  Luckily, the taste of chili overpowers both the starch and the stale, like the EU.

So do these taste like chili?  Yes- they taste like a combination of chili peppers and bell peppers.  They’re tangy and peppery without being too spicy.  If you’re not into peppers, these are obviously not the chips you’re looking for.  Would I buy these again?  Maybe not for myself, but for entertaining, i.e. people watching sports at my house.  These would probably be really good with a yogurt/sour cream-based dip (and maybe a bit of cheddar as well).

The most [pro]evocative part of this packet of chips is the label on the back, presented here without comment:


*The lighter shade of stale might be because this particular bag of chips is close to its eat-by date.


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