Propercorn- Sour Cream & Chive


I know, I know, “under 100 calories” per bag does not a junk food make. I bought this fancy pants popcorn instead of delicious movie theater popcorn. Because I needed a snack if I was going to watch Unbroken. A movie depicting starvation, amongst other terrible things. *Hangs head in shame* I liked the movie AND the fancy popcorn.

This popcorn is “gently hand-popped.” That’s good, because I only eat humanely treated popped corn. In addition to sour cream and chives, it also includes “a dollop of creme fraiche.”  I noticed that the popcorn tasted a bit unique- slightly sweet, actually. Upon further investigation (in the less florid version of the ingredient list), I realized that “dried glucose syrup” was probably responsible for the sweetness. I liked the touch ‘o glucose. I’m not sure if it would work on a serious sour cream and chive junk food, such as Sour Cream and Onion Ruffles (which are sooo good with french onion dip, btw), but it works on this light popcorn. I would go so far as to recommend that someone trying to make this at home should mix in a little corn syrup with the sour cream, onion, and chives. Also, I would recommend eating that homemade popcorn by yourself, with a spoon, because I’m not sure how mere mortals can desiccate sour cream and sprinkle it on popcorn.


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