Marmite Rice Cakes

Marmite 2

Confession time- I’d never actually tried Marmite.  I’m pretty sure I would have remembered it.  It reminds me of something familiar though- a flavor from my childhood, perhaps?  Maybe it reminds me of the taste of soy sauce mixed with Worcestershire sauce, with which I became all too familiar during occidental cooking misadventures.  Either way, I enjoyed these snacky snacks.

Marmite 3

The flavor seems to be nicely distributed on the rice cakes.  Even though I’m not very familiar with Marmite, I do know my way around rice cake town, and I can tell you that the taste of rice is not overpowering, as it can be with some rice cakes.  The Marmite complements the rice.  Also, at no point was I thinking “this could use more fat.”  Some rice cakes give you flavor, but they leave you wanting something richer.  I enjoyed eating these, and I would eat them again.  They also have B vitamins, apparently.  Don’t get that B12 shot folks, just eat some Marmite (or mix some soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce and hope for the best).


One comment

  1. Belinda · January 22, 2015

    These sound quite tasty – I think I would gladly eat them and feel good about it due to the vitamin B and the fact that most rice cakes seem to need a little “something” – maybe Marmite is that thing 😉


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