Jacob’s Mini Cheddars

Jacobs Mini Cheddars Jacobs Mini Cheddars2

I’m willing to try any cheesy snack or cheesy poof derivative.  I’m on the hunt for a UK substitute for my beloved Cheez-Its.  My quest continues. Don’t get me wrong- these are pretty good. I like that they’re baked, not fried, and that they don’t have artificial flavors or colors.  The initial bite is cheesy, but lacks sharpness.  Perhaps a touch more salt could enhance the first bite. Or more sharp cheddar. The aftertaste is cheesy, which would seem obvious for something called “mini cheddars,” but in the world of snack food, it’s not to be taken for granted. I had no problem finishing the small mini-cheddar packet; however, I don’t think I can give this cheesy snack the final rose. I’m going to keep looking.


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